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this song is about being attacked by Jamsters.
06 November 2020 @ 05:57 pm

- made by xperfectlysane

: Vampires or werewolves?
Bob, Frank, Gerard: Vampires.
Mikey: Werewolves.
Frank: Pirates.
Ray: Well, I like werewolves better actually... I'll go with werewolves.
Frank: *shocked* Oh! Traitors!

comment to be added, hon (:
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this song is about being attacked by Jamsters.

So, I wanted to distract myself, right? And watching the video from Chantal (with Gerard&Lyn) on the bingo actually made me want to do it. When even caffeine seems boring, we need emergency plans.

Picspam previously approved by Kitty

Let's go inside my astral planeCollapse )
this song is about being attacked by Jamsters.
11 November 2008 @ 01:11 am

kind of LTLYM's thingsCollapse )

Okay! So right now I'm gonna keep it locked, might change it later. I'm not really an arty bitch like my student, but I do want to make something for anyone who wants it. Christimas is approaching - and my vacation (spare time!) is also around the corner, with the college break. So I'd like to dedicate my time to something useful other than sit around and readreadread/writewritewrite. I promise I'll do my best :)

It doesn't necessarily have to be a swap, so it's not imperative to get me something. However, I'll do a wishlist later, just for the sake of doing it anyway.

Comments with addresses (if you want something real) will be screened.

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this song is about being attacked by Jamsters.
04 September 2008 @ 05:59 pm

I think I'm gonna sound repetitive, BUT Gerard's pictures are still making me lol so hard.

AND I was going to say something else, but while I was uploading pics for the upcoming picspam, I found out my little sis has been saving some pictures here. HMPH. not amused, sis, not amused. I have to admit this one is interesting, though.

~raises eyebrow~Collapse )

ok, now GTFO! this was supposed to be made of manips!pics. stop butting in where you're not welcome. but first...

I think I found out Geetard's inspiration for his hairstyleCollapse )

next thing we'll know about this band is...

they had a fight with their personal hair-stylistCollapse )

lawls, that was horrible.
ok, now off to the gym.
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